You're very welcome to the Salt Lake Piping Club.

Established in 2003, the Club was formed to promote and preserve the playing, music and tradition of the Irish uilleann bagpipe with
pipers in Utah and throughout the intermountain west.   Though its beginnings were modest, the Salt Lake Piping Club quickly became
an extensive resource teaching the history and tradition of Irish piping, and today includes members from across three states.   In
addition to classes on piping technique, reed making and history, the SLPC brings world class pipers and Irish musicians from across
the country and the globe to Utah.

As an organization, our pipers welcome all who are interested in Irish piping to join us for a seisiún, tionól, reed making workshop, Celtic
festival or concert.  Whether you're a beginner seeking your first set - or a master piper keen on passing your knowledge on to others,
we exist to support pipers of all skill and experience.  The Club is a diverse group, and we rely on our members old and new to continue
to grow.  Leave it to the Irish to state it so well:  'A handful of skill is better than a bagful of gold.'

We look forward to seeing you soon.
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As you may have noticed - the Salt Lake Piping Club site is going through some changes in 2013.  The new site is now up, and should be
fully functional - although in a slightly smaller (and more manageable fashion) than it was before.  We encourage you to look around and
we do hope you like the new look.  We would also appreciate any feedback via our contact page if you happen to notice any strange
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We will continue to add some content over time, and refine our page content as time and patience allows!  Thanks again for stopping by.
Image courtesy Ceol Pipes - John Butler